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“Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our son’s monument.  The final product exceeded our expectations and is a testament to true artisanship.  Please give our best to your entire staff that was involved in the project.  God bless you all and your families this holiday season.”  – Mike & Susie Cagle


“Greetings.  I appreciate the calls that Roger made while installing my folks headstone.  Good job, it is beautiful! Thank you all for your guidance, special care and quality services!” – Valerie McCullough 


“You don’t know how much I appreciate you getting my husband’s stone set so quick.  It finally has given me closure after 2 weeks of sorrow & tears.  I will tell everyone I know how professional and caring you are.  Thanks so much.” – Ellen Willis


“The markers in Sherman were done so well!  Also, Tom and I were very pleased with the monument.  It was beautiful.  It has been a pleasure to work with you.” – Margaret 


“I was and am so pleased with the marker, service, and speed that you and your company exercised. I was at the cemetery when the monument was placed.  Mr. McWilliams did an excellent job and is very knowledgeable and of his profession.  I will be happy to recommend you  and your company for the  best price, the most efficient and finally the most courteous and concerned.  Thank you.”  – Sue Smith 


“Thanks to the entire crew who constructed the beautiful monuments for Theodore & Georgia Bellows, Roger & Delores Bellows, and Barbara & Wayne Oaten. We are so pleased with your work!  So many thanks for so many things.”  – Barbara Oaten, Mary Bellows, Delores Bellows


“Your kindness will never be forgotten.  We really appreciate what you did for us!  Thank you so much!  I hope this new year brings you much joy and happiness.  Your kindess means more than you know!!!  The headstone really looks nice!” – Charise Harden & Nancy Smitherman


“Thank you so much for the memorial you made for me in memory of my mother, La Vera Ray.  I am forever grateful for it.  May God bless.” – Bertha Hall


“I recently received an unsolicited phone call from a monument company located in Canton, TX. After speaking to the company, I decided to purchase a monument from their salesman.  Once the monument was delivered to the cemetery, I realized that they had put it in the wrong place.  I called the company in Canton and never got a response back.  I decided to try our local monument company so I called you.  Your people  were very friendly and courteous.  I took the gentleman to the cemetery and showed him where the stone was placed and where it needed to be.  Without hesitation, the gentleman offered to help me with my problem! I see now why we should have bought our monument locally.  Without a doubt, the next time I need a monument I will call Love Monument Co.  Thank you so much!” – Linda K.

Monuments, Monument Company, Sherman Monument Co, Granite Monument, Granite Memorial, Custom Monument, Vase, Bench, Cremation, Mausoleum,